BIG chop: Final act

I’ve been holding onto this stupid hair.
Mostly afraid of what he’ll think if/when I just cut the rest off.
I still have a low/thin spot in the back of my head and holding on to this 1 1/2 inch of relaxed hair (with a thin/balding spot in the middle) is proving to be futile.
Initially the idea was to leave enough there so that I can get braids.
Well, obviously from the recent goings on in my house lately, getting braids anytime soon is a no go, so I figured cut off all the relaxer and spend time nurturing my hair.

I’m just going to cut it off.

He will have to get over it.

Relaxers and my hair just do not get along.

This is just the way it’s got to be.

Cutting the rest off tonight before my shower.


Say what?!

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