A family affair: Should I transition my daughter’s hair?

Been doing a LOT of reading this past week regarding natural hair maintenance and care.
One thing I learned was exactly how important moisture is and how to properly moisturize so that my delicate 4C/B hair doesn’t get brittle and break.
I’m feeling a lot more positive about starting over natural.  That’s a good thing.
But I’ve been thinking about my daughter’s hair and possibly transition her hair as well.
She’s spent most of her life natural and I love her natural hair and would love to help her come to love it (again) as well.
I know I could take care of her hair and keep it done, conditioned and moisturized so it can grow again.
Her hair has the potential for abundant growth,  but only when she’s relaxer free.
I may transition her this summer with braids and throughout the school year next year.
You know, simply stop relaxing it and take good care of it and basically keep it braided up for an entire year.
We’ll see how it goes,  but I’m pretty sure my mind is made up on this.
I’ve come to this conclusion because since she’s been relaxed,  she’s had lots of breakage and her growth has stalled in the past six months or so.
She also has constant split ends –  even with my keeping them trimmed.
I think her hair,  like mine,  does NOT like being relaxed.
Well see how this summer goes with the braids.
Will probably do it next week if hubby buys the hair.

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