Freedom: Final stage of the big chop

Finally did it!
I cut off the remaining 1/4 inch of relaxed hair off of my head.
I think it’s sad that I had to wait on some type of ‘approval’ from those around me to do it – well, perhaps not, but I felt more free to do so after said approval.
That in and of itself is an aspect I would love to lose.
I want freedom.
Not a disrespectful freedom that pisses on everyone else around me, but a liberating freedom where I no longer feel bound by things in my head.
At least I have a tiny aspect of that with my hair.
Freedom from relaxers, touch-ups, breakage, stressing about ‘hair’.
Just, freedom.
After cutting the remainder of the relaxer from my hair I showered.  It was almost baptismal.
I washed a lot more than cut hairs down that drain tonight…


Say what?!

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