Made the decision tonight to restart my life when I wake up later on.
Going vegetarian,  well,  pescatarian tomorrow for 3 months at least.
No sugar, dairy, alcohol or simple carbohydrates (white flour,  rice,  starches).
Lots of veggies,  whole grains, and other nutrient dense foods.
Getting active too.
Going for walks ideally everyday,  realistically at least 3x per week.
Squats and push ups every day.
Thought about trying a food diary again,  but they’re too complicated and time consuming for me.
Either way,  I want to do this.
I have the fear of developing diabetes or something.
Not to mention I’m turning 40 in a few years.
I’d like to reach that age in good health and at a healthy weight.
Gotta start now.
Also,  no time limits.
I know I’m not going  to hit my goals this year,  and that’s okay.
I’m looking g for change I can feel and I know I will start feeling it before I see it.
Progress is what I want.
And better health.
I am far too young to be as sore and stiff as I am in the mornings.
It’s daunting,  I ain’t even going to lie,  but I believe I can do this.
Baby steps.


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