Insight shared: Be better for the greater good

I think it’s important to make commitments with yourself – to do things for yourself to better yourself.
Because in life, one important aspect of it is that we must do all we can at all times to improve on who we are and what we are contributing to the greater collective.
That is a huge part of our Karma.
We need to take the time to ensure that we are balanced physically as well as spiritually.
One way we can do this is by eating correctly to keep our bodies functioning as high as possible.
Secondly, prayer, meditation of some or any sort including going for walks, yoga, silent prayer, quiet time with self, even smoking ganja can all serve that purpose as a time for quiet reflective insight or a conversation with your god, goddess or ancestors etc.
Treating people with kindness and operating in complete love in all that you do will keep you spiritually clean.
Just some random thoughts I decided to share with you all…

Love & light


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