The gift of inspiration

You know, I truly want to be successful with this cleanse.
Mostly because I want to be an example to the people around me,
I want them to see that it works, that it’s real and that they can do it too.
I want to give that gift.
I want to help people; to contribute to the world.
The only way I can do that is by improving my own life and self image.
By being an example, like Sharee over at Funeral For My Fat on Tumblr.
I have to admit, I’ve never been inspired by anyone so profoundly until I came across her blog about a year ago.
The way she’s touched me and so many others is the same gift I would like to give.
If it catches on enough, everyone will be getting healthy and learning how to heal themselves with food instead of drugs.

A girl can dream.

Just my rambling thoughts this lazy Saturday afternoon.

Be the change you guys

Makeydah  ॐ


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