Embracing tight curls

4C hair, unstretched, little to no product

I love natural hair, and I love scrolling through Tumblr and looking at all the beautiful pictures of fabulous black women and their equally fabulous, glorious natural hair.
But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice the over abundance of sisters with more of a curly texture and less of us with the kinkier coils circulating around the net.

Teesha – 4C Hair Icon

This leaves me feeling a little left out, or as if my hair isn’t as appealing as say someone with a looser curl pattern.
I mean let’s face it – darker skin and kinkier hair are things that have been less desired in our community and we all know why that is.
I often find myself wondering why sisters with the fluffier less kinky hair ever felt the need to relax their hair as it is not deemed as ‘niggardly’, ‘unkempt’ or reminiscent of slavery as hair like mine.

Nneka – 4C Hair Icon
Teesha – 4C Hair Icon

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself just the way I am, but being honest, when I was younger I used to wish for a more relaxed type of curl so I wouldn’t have to endure the teasing about my edges or my nappy kitchen.
Now that I’m a grown ass woman, I have learned to embrace and cherish the hair I have been blessed with.
It gives me my character and is a part of who I am.
But it would be nice to see hair like mine on women as dark as me being reblogged with such ferver and admiration as my lighter skinned sisters or the sisters with more of a curly, fluffy hair texture.
I’m just saying.

*Photos included in this post are not mine but have all been properly tagged, linked and/or credited

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