Busy bee | Farmer’s Market Excursion ✿

frrmrsmrktOkay so I am so super late posting about this but it has been frantically busy here the past 3 days or so.

  • Yesterday was the first day of school
  • my niece was over for the weekend
  • I had to braid my daughter’s hair (this is an entire day’s job)
  • cook and clean (I’m still not done)
  • and any thing else that popped up!

I think it just may start slowing down – at least I know I’ll get a little reprieve at least by this weekend – I can’t wait.  I deserve a little break at least.

I digress…

During my social networking last week  I went on and on about my impending visit to the Sanford Farmer’s Market not far from my house.

Well I did visit the farmer’s market, but I didn’t see all the arts, crafts, honey, seeds and wide variety of other products available from local vendors.

I did find a quaint little farmer’s market with a wide variety of exotic fruits and veggies for the low-low as well as some regular staples.

What I didn’t realize until later was I went to the wrong farmer’s market!

Although I didn’t end up where I wanted to, it’s still a plus for me because I now have 2 farmer’s market’s to frequent on Saturdays!

So this coming Saturday when it’s time to stock up on more produce and other things, I will definitely be at the right farmer’s market.



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