September Smoothie Challenge

September Smoothie Challenge | Makeydah's Pantry

September Smoothie Challenge | Makeydah’s Pantry

This month I made a personal commitment to drink at least 1 smoothie everyday during the entire month of September.

Anytime I make a personal commitment, I seem drawn to my blog to invite all of you to join me if you so desire.

There really aren’t any complicated rules or anything – just drink a smoothie at least 3 days out of the week.

That’s it!

If you’d like to smoothie it up more days than that, of course feel free!

But for those of you who smoothies are a new thing and you may want to take it slow, 3x per week should be plenty.

Let me guess, you have no idea how to make a smoothie or what kinds to make all month long?

Have no fear my loves, I will be sharing with you various smoothie recipes from some of my favorite blogs and also some of my very own creations!

I will be updating this blog, Makeydah’s Pantry blog, the Facebook page, Twitter AND my instagram with great smoothie recipes for you to use this month.

Don’t worry, I’d never post a challenge and leave you hanging!

I realize this post is being put up on the 3rd, BUT in my defense it was a long weekend (Happy Labor Day!) and I don’t update on the weekends 😉

So now it’s Tuesday and the week is just beginning so let’s get our smoothies on today!

I will be updating later on today with more information on smoothies along with some recipes to get us all started this week.

Be easy


My annual 12 week 'Everything Cleanse' starts tomorrow!




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