Negativity | How NOT to be an asshole


Sometimes we have those days – where everything pisses us off and we don’t have time for anybody or anything.

I know I’m not alone.

Sometimes, we even allow these negative emotions to seep into our lives and affect the ones we care for most – even when we don’t mean to.

We’re all allowed bad moods from time to time, but what I’m learning is to not take out my personal issues on others when it isn’t warranted.

You know what I mean.

You’re having a really tough time, due to stress about work, bills or other things in your daily life that may have seemed to pile up on you.  Although completely understandable, what must be understood is that EVERYONE is dealing with something at one point or another.

Taking your issues out on others not only makes their day worse, but it can also disrupt the peace in other people’s lives and really doesn’t make you feel any better at all anyways.

In many cases you will probably end up feeling worse if like me, your conscience never takes a damn day off!

What we can practice in times like these is to breathe.

Yup!  That’s it!


Take a deep breath, relax and attempt to grasp an understanding of what exactly it is that’s bothering you and instead of taking out on others, perhaps try talking it out with someone.

I find that most people would like to help you, even if it’s advice or a reassuring word.

Before you get consumed in that fire of negativity you feel boiling in your gut, take a breath and quench that beast with some compassion for others and yourself!

Nine times out of ten it will work, or at least diffuse that bad boy some before it becomes an all out inferno!

Be easy




noun \ˈmes\

: a very dirty or untidy state or condition

Today I almost allowed myself to get swept up in some mess.

It involves some neighbors, but interestingly enough, it did NOT involve me.

Yet, both of the parties involved have found it necessary to try and place me in their situation.

Needless to say, this predicament leaves a sour taste in my mouth because as always, I try to be of help to anyone I can, but definitely not at my own expense.

One very important thing I’ve finally learned is to set boundaries with people.

Allowing others to get close, but not too close for my comfort.

I draw the line at being involved in anyone else’s personal relationships.

I certainly do not take well to people placing me in their messes without my consent.

Through all this I know I must remain still and allow the world to shape itself (thanks I-Ching) and also let it be known respectfully but sternly that I DO NOT, under any circumstances want anything to do with what is going on in someone else’s home.

As long as no one is being physically harmed, I’m out.

Now, a kind word, listening ear or compassionate shoulder to cry on?

I’m your girl!

BUT – don’t get carried away.

My kindness is most definitely not the green light for bullshit.

Tonight, I’m taking a nice hot shower and washing this grimy day off of me.

And tomorrow, my mind will be anew, it will be settled and I will handle all things with kindness, grace and compassion.

I will also protect myself from the nasty energies culminating next door.

Time for some sage 😉

Be easy

Wisdom & Understanding | Applying life’s lessons

Today I felt bad stress for the first time in months.

It was more an annoyance with the way things turned out, but it manifested itself through stressful symptoms/reactions that left me tightly wound and with a headache.

I was very stressed.

Well, very for me anyways.

I guess it’s a result of having a productive stress that I didn’t mind at first.

It helped me to be driven and to get things done.

But today, it felt like…ugh, it just felt awful.

The good news is, after I got home and was able to reflect during my sunset prayer/meditation session, I was able to understand where I went wrong in my day, among other lessons learned today.

It’s times like these when I feel so grateful to still be here experiencing this thing called life.

Being older, something that people in our (Western) culture tend to shun, is something I find great wonder and awe in.

Accumulating all the knowledge of your lifetime up to this point, and applying it to your life – avoiding mishaps because of lessons learned from the past.

Life is such a beautiful thing!

Tomorrow, I know the things that are supposed to happen, will happen!

Que sera, sera

Be easy ✌