noun \ˈmes\

: a very dirty or untidy state or condition

Today I almost allowed myself to get swept up in some mess.

It involves some neighbors, but interestingly enough, it did NOT involve me.

Yet, both of the parties involved have found it necessary to try and place me in their situation.

Needless to say, this predicament leaves a sour taste in my mouth because as always, I try to be of help to anyone I can, but definitely not at my own expense.

One very important thing I’ve finally learned is to set boundaries with people.

Allowing others to get close, but not too close for my comfort.

I draw the line at being involved in anyone else’s personal relationships.

I certainly do not take well to people placing me in their messes without my consent.

Through all this I know I must remain still and allow the world to shape itself (thanks I-Ching) and also let it be known respectfully but sternly that I DO NOT, under any circumstances want anything to do with what is going on in someone else’s home.

As long as no one is being physically harmed, I’m out.

Now, a kind word, listening ear or compassionate shoulder to cry on?

I’m your girl!

BUT – don’t get carried away.

My kindness is most definitely not the green light for bullshit.

Tonight, I’m taking a nice hot shower and washing this grimy day off of me.

And tomorrow, my mind will be anew, it will be settled and I will handle all things with kindness, grace and compassion.

I will also protect myself from the nasty energies culminating next door.

Time for some sage 😉

Be easy


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