Attachment & suffering | With no vaseline


Ups and downs abound.

I swear, just when you begin to feel that things are going your way, SMACK!

You’re hit in the face with reality.

Nothing in this life lasts forever- not even this life.

So why do we wish to hold on to good times, the times where we face no adversities – but wish away times of strife or sorrow?

Obviously because bad times suck and good times rule.

But, honestly – this state of mind makes no sense when we all know good and well that nothing lasts.

I guess the Buddhists are right, attachment is suffering.

The bad times suck so hard because we’re so busy clinging to the good.

Once we lose what we have been clinging to, it hurts!  It sucks!

I’m guessing that to be fully content with life, you have to learn how to deal with attachment.

Adding the art of remaining ‘unattached’ from the longing to cling to things out of my control and staying focused on the things that I can control.

Yes, this I will do – 2014 look out.

Toni is learning life.

Be easy