Mother’s Day for me was Epic

This Mother’s Day weekend was bomb.

There were some questionable moments, but over all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself the Queen thoroughly enjoyed herself.

So today is officially day one of my first week-long vacation and I haven’t done a thing yet.

This week will entail a very thorough detox filled with fitness and LOTS of yoga 🙂

Oh joy

As for today, I am doing nothing – except hitting the gym a little later (I prefer working out at night).

Decided to blog, so here I am.

I had such a good time this past weekend, I wanted to share a few photos of what the weekend involved.


This one above is by far my favorite of the day.


My kids showing out the best they know how


And your neighborhood friendly shark dropped by to pose for a photo with me.  How gracious.


On our way to the shore…#Ponce Inlet


Selfies in the car…


Headed to the main land


The morning after


and more selfies in the car

That about sums it up – obviously, I didn’t share everything, but you get the jist of things.

Good times were had by all.

Mother’s Day 2014 was #EPIC to say the least.

Thankful for my family.

Glad they love me.

I love them too ❤

Be easy



My Two Cents: Choose joy and enjoy


Choose joy and enjoy

This year so far has brought a lot of pleasure – but what I’ve learned is that you also get delivered an equal dose of pain along with all the abundant blessings.

That’s the way God works, Universal law.

Yin and yang, ma’at, balance.

I’m thankful for the experiences of this year because I know, tied up in all the experiences are valuable lessons I get to take with me for the duration of this journey.

So far this year I was blessed with a grandson, yet lost him on the same day.

I landed an incredible job where I get to work alongside incredible people – yet my time spent there keeps me away from my loved ones.

Which in turn is a blessing because we get to miss each other and hold the time we do have to spend together as valuable.

I’ve opened up to new things that make my life so exciting and new.

Being older and having life experience gave me the tools that allow me to see the beauty in all things good and bad.

Don’t get it twisted, I still get impatient as hell and pissed with people and situations and tend to behave ‘momentarily’ irrational, I’m a woman, what do you want?

But what I am saying is, being an older, wiser and loads more patient woman has taught me how to let these emotions go quicker than I did when I was younger.

I finally have the understanding that all things are temporary.

Even this life; which is why we should not waste time on things that don’t make us feel good.

Make an attempt every day to enjoy life – even if you just have to go to work or the gym.

Find something in that thing to enjoy.

Just my two cents today.

Be easy