My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer…

Just finished filling out my dads living will paperwork. I got his back and we’re kicking cancer’s ass! – at Casa de Amore

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What’s up

Something bad I ate: McDonald’s fries. Medium. Delicious and fresh lol Something good: vegan burrito salad bowl from Chipotle, I did add vinegrette which I’m sure has sugar.
Cooking veg chilli and regular for dinner with quinoa instead of rice. – at Casa de Amore

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Latest natural vegan products haul

Turbinado sugar, turmeric, honey ginger, breathe free herbal blend & hibiscus flower teas. I also have some tahini on deck forvsone homnade hummuys and other sesame butter rich recipoes. Step one to my cleanse haul! More herbs, beans, nutritional yeast (I’m low), nuts, seeds and produce to come! Oh, not to mention my new blender.
Keep up with my cleanse progress on my health blog: – at Chateau Jones

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