Cleansing the Aura of Past Sexual Partners

Thought this was something awesome to share and to add – a douche made with coconut water does wonders ladies 🙂

As we move through adulthood from one relationship to the next, the aura of what was left behind is something most people would never think about. The toothbrush, cell phone charger, and feelings your past partner left you with probably top the list of what engulfs your mind after a breakup. What about their energy? Does this leave with them and their personal belongings?

Unfortunately, no.

The energy left inside you, your spirit and aura has now been shifted. This is true for both male and female but I believe this is a more powerful process from the female perspective. I say this because we are built to ‘receive’. Therefore during sex we also receive more energy. Hence, females are typically more emotional by nature as well.

If your are not familiar with aura or energy transfer and just not sure if you believe it, let’s explore this from another…

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2 thoughts on “Cleansing the Aura of Past Sexual Partners

  1. The spell she posted takes honesty. Most women who are in relationships/marriages now would never write down all the names of their lovers to expose themselves. Sadly most people would rather live with their lies, conscious, and bad energy from past relationships than to be honest. Why because many of them were inappropriate.


    • Excellent point!
      Yes! This spell definitely takes honesty and self accountability.
      You also need a willingness or wanting to let go of unwanted things from your past.
      True change is a must.
      Thanks for your comment!


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