Off my game | Finding my way back to peace


I have got to make some serious changes in my life – discipline.

I have not been working out the way I want to so I want to make a change.

The first 3 weeks of this cleanse I felt alive and brand new – and now I feel a little clouded again.

Perhaps because I have drifted away from eating mostly raw and have slid into the partly raw arena.

I need to make a shift.

No more indulging in popcorn – even if it is air popped lol

I need more leaves, roots & beans!

I want my balance back – and daily yoga is back in full effect!



and never posted it.

Thought I’d update it today.

I see now that I was being a little hard on myself, but perhaps I did what I needed to do to keep myself disciplined.

It worked.

I’m now down 27 lbs and have managed to keep my bipolar symptoms in check thus far.

I’ve been doing regular yoga and even made it out for a few runs.

My eating has been superb – although I did indulge a few times, I kept it balanced and upped my fitness during the time.

No more bad habits only occasional treats!

I feel healthier in body, mind and spirit and I’ve only just begun!

Life now has so much promise where before I felt empty and lost.

I have real concrete goals – like to seriously get into my yoga practice,  find a teacher and commit to my practice and decided in a few years if I’d like to,  teach.


Yes me!

Business is moving along and I have now added a new feature to my blog ( Yogi of the Month where I interview lesser known yogis to give them exposure and show people the real heart of yoga.

I have so much planned for my website it’s incredible!

I’m on cloud nine – but in a realistic way.

Life is good because I am taking part in shaping it into something I feel is good.

Thank God for Yoga, Dharma, Niyamas and Bhakti 🙂

I just wanted to take this opportunity to not only update my blog, but to also share some of this positive good feeling I am experiencing at the moment.

This has to be shared!

Love and light!

Be easy you guyys




Makeydah’s Pantry | I sell stuff online too

There was once a quiet little internet store launch that happened on October 3rd.

I was on vacation so the fanfare was limited.


Check it out here

Be easy

It hurts to love you | Your menses & embracing it’s beauty

Uterus LoveI used to hate Her

I used to hate my period – and my uterus specifically for the painful periods I’ve experienced most of my ovulating life.

Griping pain that left me rendered to the bed on days that should have been productive.

Horrid PMS: crazy mood swings and chocolate cravings that lead to weight gain and skin eruptions.

It’s been a monthly nightmare that lead to actual anxiety about my monthly!

Until I changed my lifestyle AND my mind by learning to appreciate the beauty of my reproductive organs and my monthly cycle.

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Weekend Watermelon Cleanse & Yoga


So this is my last blog post for the week – Gotta start my weekly social networking fast to clear my mind and decompress from my unusually stressful and sick week.

My body is still holding on to the remnants of this stubborn summer cold/flu.  I am still coughing up phlegm and it’s annoying as hell because it makes it hard to laugh and sing. I can’t do either without choking and having a coughing fit.  ̄︿ ̄

I haven’t drank my honey lemon ginger tea since yesterday, so that might be part of the problem.

Hopefully this watermelon cleanse helps with that. We’ll see.

More about the cleanse:

From Saturday through Sunday, I will consuming nothing but watermelon.

Watermelon juice (I’ll be juicing the rinds), watermelon Smoothies and just eating watermelon as is.

Yes that’s a lot of watermelon but it’s only 2 days so it’s no big deal.

We’ll see how it goes.



On the other side| Finally some relief from this cold!


Day 3 of this cold and I am feeling at least 65% today so that’s a good thing.

Don’t have much on my agenda except to pick up my high schooler early for an appointment, clean my room, 20 minutes of yoga, start some laundry, and hit the park for a workout.

That’s enough I think.  I don’t want to over extend myself on my first non-fever day and have a set back.

The kids might be eating sandwiches tonight for dinner depending on how I feel.

My annual 12 week 'Everything Cleanse' starts tomorrow!


It got me | Summer Colds & How to Treat Them Naturally

Yes, the dreaded summer cold.

This sucks ass – real talk.

I hate having colds – the coughing, the congestion the achy, slow, tired, icky sick feeling – BLECH!

I seriously hate being sick.  It’s like I take it personally – as if my body has let me down by allowing the foreign intruder asylum inside of me.

I know, that’s a bit dramatic – but I sometimes think or believe my immune system is better than it is I guess.

At least help is here in the form of a Honey, Ginger & Lemon tea that will have you feeling yourself in no time.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 whole lemon
  • 1 tbsp honey (or to taste)
  • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger root (peeled)
  • small pot for simmering tea in
  • food grater

First you fill your pot with a little more than 1 1/2 cup of water, place it on the stove on medium high heat.

Next, you take your 1 inch piece of peeled ginger root and grate it into the water in your pot and leave it on the stove until it begins to boil a bit them turn the heat down to medium low and allow the grated ginger root to deeply infuse the water.

While your ginger base is simmering, cut your lemon and juice it into your mug and squeeze your 1 tbsp of honey into your lemon and stir until well mixed.

Once your ginger infusion has simmered for at least 10 minutes, you can now pour your tea into your honey and lemon mixture in your cup.


Drink it while it’s warm but not too hot!

If you drink at least 3 of these per day, along with eating a preferably  raw plant based diet (or cooked, as long as it’s plant based), avoiding soy, dairy (which cause excess mucus formation)  and processed sugars at least until you’re well again – you should be feeling tons better in at least 2 days!

This is also a great tasting tea as well – my 8 year old loved it!

I hope you enjoy it too!

My annual 12 week 'Everything Cleanse' starts tomorrow!

UTI’s & Yoga | How was your week?

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for days but I kept having things to do – like now I need to do laundry but I’m eating a late lunch and am sitting at my desk right now so why not?

Cleanse is going great!

Of course I’ve had at least 2 or 3 urges to cheat – they were fleeting and I didn’t want to throw away what I’ve done so far so I’ve held on.

It gets hard sometimes when everyone around me is still eating a lot of the same old stuff while I’m being disciplined.

I don’t want it to get so hard I quit or mess up, you know?

I’m sure I’ll be fine though.  Just in the way I’ve been doing things, taking this slow and researching before I make another move.

Teaching myself to love different vegetables and learning new ways to prepare them – and getting my palate used to lots of raw vegetables and fruits.

I bought a boatload this weekend – we went back to the farmer’s market today since that’s our new Saturday morning routine I guess!

That just means there’s going to be a lot more for me to eat – which brings me to my other update.

I have to admit, I have been a LOT less than disciplined when it came to my weekly workouts – meaning I’ve barely, and I mean barely  been doing them.

Okay, I haven’t done them lol! But I truly had every intention.

Well, because of this, I made a mini-commitment to myself that I would be diligent in all things I set out to do in this cleanse so I am going to do them.

I am now holding up my end of the bargain and did my ‘daily yoga’ for the day (may do a little more after my nap since it’s Saturday), and tomorrow I am doing my weekly fast and spiritual bath (with more daily yoga).

Eating at least 80% percent raw for the week (because I want some beans) and attempt to flush out this UTI.  Yes.

It came out of nowhere and I kind of wonder if it has something to do with being a detox symptom from eating strictly vegan and a lot of raw foods and herbs?

Either way, I drank straight, pure, organic cranberry juice (blech) for 3 days straight (including today) and had to resort to these wpid-wp-1376634848419.jpg for the pain.  They turned my pee bright orange!

And they don’t work worth shit so…yeah.

It hurts to pee, but tmi, I know.

I digress…

So because I’m upping my fitness, I am going to need to eat a lot more now too.

Stocking up on all that produce was a good idea, I think anyways.

We’ll see how the next week shapes up, but for now, I’m winding down to peaceful mode – taking a break from all social networking, blogging and the like and I’m gonna spend a great deal of time reflecting on the past week, my mistakes, triumphs, feelings, emotions and physical changes I’ve seen within myself.

One thing is for sure, this week was very productive with the kids going back to school it’s given me lots more to do with my days.

This Summer has been super lazy so it’s nice to get back to routine.

Speaking of which, I have laundry and a few other things I need to get done so I will return to update next week.

Until then, be easy you guys,