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There was once a quiet little internet store launch that happened on October 3rd.

I was on vacation so the fanfare was limited.


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Tough Times and Menstrual Cramps? | There’s a tea for that!

It’s been pretty rough in my personal life since last week and to add to things my monthly showed up yesterday and you know what that means…



Having menstrual pain makes dealing with stressful personal issues even tougher.

Thankfully, the hubs and I concocted a tea for menstrual cramps that really works!


Here’s what you’ll need:



*(most of these items can be found in your local grocery store but the more exotic ones can be found here in my Amazon aStore.  The linked products lead you to purchase.)

Bring approx. 12 oz of water to a boil and throw in your sliced ginger root and turn down to med-low heat, pour in your olive oil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, take your crushed mint leaves, maca powder, bagged chamomile flowers and garcinia powder and place them in your mug.

Once your ginger has simmered for 20 minutes or so, pour the hot ginger tea into the mug with your powders, flowers and leaves and let seep until it’s cool enough to drink without burning your mouth.

You can also add some type of all natural sweetener to your tastes – I usually don’t sweeten my teas.

Give the tea around 15-20 minutes to kick in and start soothing away your cramps.

While you wait you can give yourself a uterine massage to help with the pain or some menstrual cramp friendly yoga moves.


In regard to my tough week + weekend…

I’ve been fighting hard not to fall into a depression – I don’t feel as if I am, thankfully, but it’s still tough to stay positive and centered in the midst of trials.

I’m thankful that I have been disciplined when it comes to eating right and doing my daily yoga and my daily gratitude prayers at sunrise and sunset as well.

It helps me a lot and I am certain is what is keeping my moods from sinking too low.

There are moments though, that I feel sad and negative about things, but I understand this is just the process I am going through to get past it, make sense of it and learn from it until it passes – because it will pass!

I may not have all the answers, but I know that time heals all things so right now, time is my friend and I am going to try embracing this experience and make decisions on my future with a calm and gentle heart.

I’ll just keep eating good and clinging to my yoga – my refuge.

Not to mention, keep drinking this tea!

My annual 12 week 'Everything Cleanse' starts tomorrow!

30 Day Detox Challenge!

I’ve finally found the time and the focus to sit my butt down and blog about this 30 Day Detox program I am putting myself on.
This journey has been in my head for years but I never had the discipline and/or resources to pull it off.
Maybe it was a lack of drive too – just being honest lol.  But the other day I was eating something (can’t remember what) and I happened to read the ingredients and was immediately turned off and thought to myself, “There are too many added ingredients in packaged foods!”
It was then that I knew, I had to make a change.

I’ve been feeling the effects of having a terrible diet, sleep pattern and no fitness life.  I’ve been feeling tired, unfocused, been suffering with digestive issues including horrible heartburn, stomachaches and back pain, joint pain and sinus issues.
Not to mention I am fat and out of shape.

I know now that I have to do a complete lifestyle re-vamp, but I need to start small so I don’t overwhelm myself – then the idea hit me:  A 30 Day Detox and Life Revitalization.
I need something to kick start me on my way of changing my life around and a good cleanse is the best way to go.

During this detox, I plan on using herbs, foods and water to cleanse with as it is the healthiest and most affordable way to do so.
I don’t have any special foods I am going to be eating or anything as I’ll pretty much be following a basic balanced diet, focusing on home cooked non-packaged meals and/or food products.
Although I am not going to limit myself too much during this cleanse, I will be eliminating the following:

  • Red Meat
  • Poultry
  • Sugar
  • Processed Carbohydrates (white flour, pasta, bread, white rice, etc.)
  • Dairy
Although I plan on cutting out red meat and the like, I am not going full on vegetarian – I’m still going to consume seafood, just a mere 2-3x per week.
Juicing is also going to be an integral part of this cleanse, as I plan on juicing at least once per day, and I also plan on incorporating juiced veggies into my protein smoothies.
There is far more to detoxing than just switching up your eating habits though, and that’s where my next regimen comes in:  Herbs.
I have designed several herbal teas designed to cleanse and for this journey I plan on using my detox tea.
Every herb in this tea cleans something lol
My detox tea is comprised of the following herbs:
  • Catnip – good for my migraines which are sure to get worse @ the start of this cleanse.
  • Hyssop – removes mucus and clears lungs (I just quit smoking and I know my lungs are dirty)
  • Red Clover – detoxifies
  • Thyme – combined with the Hyssop clears lungs
  • Ginger – strengthens other herbs, upper respiratory, levels blood pressure
  • Fennel – removes mucus, suppresses appetite, decongestant (my sinuses)
  • Astragalus – immune booster, raises metabolism
  • Hibiscus – cools body, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, taste divine
  • Peppermint – for taste, cleanses body, sedative for stomach (improves taste of bitter herbs) 
This tea is pretty much tailored to my personal needs, so I suggest researching for the herbs you need or consulting us at Psalm Calm Holistics to create a custom blend for you. 😉
In addition to detoxing with the tea, I also plan on doing salt water flushes, bentonite clay flushes and drinking an ungodly amount of water.
Also, most importantly – FITNESS.
I plan on keeping it simple with just:
  • Walking – a minimum of 30 mins. 3x per week
  • Pilates – 2x per week
  • Weight training 3x per week
That’s it.
I plan on documenting my progress here in this blog as well as on my YouTube Channel.
You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.
I’d love it if you’d follow along!
You can always substitute some of the items that I’ve included in my cleanse as those choices are mine personally and are not mandatory for you to get a good cleanse going on.
Remember to follow me on Twutter, YT, or Instagram for my progress or to share your experiences on this cleanse.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Happy cleansing!

Healing Teas: Asthma relief


I recently posted on my Tumblr page and in my Twitter feed how I created an herbal blend to use as a tea that helps my husband control his asthma symptoms and received a LOT of feed back asking for the recipe.
So as promised, here is the recipe with pictures of some of the herbs so you can see what it looks like.
Enjoy and happy healing!

What you will need:

  • Hyssop (2tsp)
  • Garcinia powder (1 tsp.)
  • Chickweed (2tsp)
  • Linden FLowers (3 tsp.)
  • Thyme (1 tsp.)
  • Lobelia ( 3 tsp.)
  • Mutamba Powder (1/2 tsp.)
  • Anise Seeds (small handful)
Add all dry ingredients to a pot of purified water (about 3 cups of water) and simmer on stove for 20 minutes at medium low heat.
Let it seep for another 30 minutes with no heat.
Refrigerate or drink warm.
You can add some pure honey, agave or what ever natural sweetener you prefer – we prefer it unsweetened as many of the herbs used have a natural ‘sweetness’ to them already.
For poorly controlled asthma, like my husband’s, I’d suggest drinking this daily for about a week and then as needed there after.
We will have this tea bagged and blended for sale in our online shop soon.
For questions regarding ordering, please contact us via email:
Love and light!

*Please note I am not a doctor and am self taught in the use of herbs to treat certain ailments and disorders.  I must suggest that before starting any new program to help control your asthma, you seek proper medical advise.  This tea is also not a replacement for your rescue inhaler – Please continue using the asthma medication prescribed by your doctor.
The purpose of this tea is to supplement what your doctor has already given you – not to replace it.