Cleansing the Aura of Past Sexual Partners

Thought this was something awesome to share and to add – a douche made with coconut water does wonders ladies 🙂

As we move through adulthood from one relationship to the next, the aura of what was left behind is something most people would never think about. The toothbrush, cell phone charger, and feelings your past partner left you with probably top the list of what engulfs your mind after a breakup. What about their energy? Does this leave with them and their personal belongings?

Unfortunately, no.

The energy left inside you, your spirit and aura has now been shifted. This is true for both male and female but I believe this is a more powerful process from the female perspective. I say this because we are built to ‘receive’. Therefore during sex we also receive more energy. Hence, females are typically more emotional by nature as well.

If your are not familiar with aura or energy transfer and just not sure if you believe it, let’s explore this from another…

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It seems I have come to a crossroads in the relationships in my life.
There are people though once dear to me, I have to let go of because they have shown me time and time again that my best interests are far from their hearts.
It’s very sad that these individuals chose to reveal themselves in this way at a time like this, when I’ve just lost my father.
But, I’m thankful to God that I now know who and what I am dealing with.
Wolf in sheeps clothing.

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Nearing the end

It will be a matter of days until my father will leave his body.
My half-sister is already acting an ass over money and control.
I just want him to have peace and for his last wishes to be carried out.
They can try to do what they will with everything else – if a will isn’t found.
Today I stayed home for the first time to rest.
I needed it.
Dad is unresponsive for the most part.
It will be soon.

Thursdays visit

Dad was barely alert today and hasn’t eaten and actually refused water today.
He knew I was there but that’s about it.
He outright refused food unlike yesterday where he simply said ‘later’.
I don’t even know why I am documenting this but, I guess there’s a reason for everything 😢

I don’t think my father has much time left

Just got back from hospice. Dad wouldn’t eat today and was in and out of consciousness all afternoon. He mentioned fish and how to cook it, but wouldn’t eat any when they brought it to him. He’d keep saying he’d east some, but would say ‘,not yet’ when offered food.
He is drinking water though.
A little anyways.
He’s still in pain (about an 8 he said when they asked), and even grimaces from it in his sleep.
The cancer hurts and so do the blood clots in his extremities.
He is still filling the urine bag so his kidneys and bladder are still working and his breathing is faster than usual and a little shallow, it isn’t labored.
His right arm is still swollen, but his left has gone down considerably, but they both hurt and he has trouble moving them.
He’s confused and mumbles to himself.
Doesn’t respond and/or understand many questions either.
My dad is going.
But he won’t admit it.
He keeps saying he will deal with things later.
Today, sitting there I wanted to be a source of comfort but I also felt incredibly sad.
This is THE hardest thing I have ever been through in my entire life.

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